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David attended many school programs without any success in modifying life-limiting behaviors prior to being accepted at the PAAL program. Following intensive evidence- and community-based interventions at the PAAL program, David has transformed from a young man resistant to treatment to a young man of reason, reflection, and purpose.

For the first several months, David engaged daily in compulsive, impulsive non-com pliant behavior including destructive and disruptive tantrums several times per week consisting of turning over furniture, displacing items belonging to others (e.g., emptying out dressers or pulling clothing from the closet), and had frequent bursts of vocalizations, crying, unreasonable demands and threats of violence against others.

The team assessed the functions of his behavior, capitalized upon ABA strategies using function-based strategies, and was able to significantly decrease the frequency and intensity of these behavioral episodes and increase his willingness to learn, earn his investment in his own personal development, and make significant advances in independent skills.

Quality of life for David and his family has increased exponentially through his programming at the PAAL Program.

PAAL serves individuals all across the autism spectrum from ages 9 – 21 and is particularly experienced in achieving quality of life for those severely affected.

For further information regarding admission, please contact the Executive Director, Dr. Gloria Satriale at