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Click on the below link to enjoy a sampling of recent in service professional development presentations by our professional advisory board:

Motivation: How to Use and Influences on Effectiveness
Dr. Thomas Zane, Ph.D., BCBA
January 2021


The First Annual Patrick Judge Memorial Lecture, Keynote Address Parent / Professional Collaboration
Gloria Satriale J.D., M.Ed., BSL
April 2015

PAAL-Technology as a Tool for Education-11-4-2011
Gloria Satriale, J.D., Avi Glickman, M.Ed.

The Use of Technology in The Effective Behavior Analytic Programming
Gloria Satriale, J.D., BCBA, Avi Glickman, M.Ed.
ABAI 2010 – San Antonio

Technology as a Tool for Teaching: Innovative Community Instruction for Adolescents w ASD
Avi Glickman, M.Ed.
October 2009

Essential Elements to Effective Community-Based Transition Programming for Adolescents with Autism
Avi Glickman, M.Ed. , Gloria M. Satriale, J.D., BCABA
October 2009

The Use of Technology to Promote Independence and Social Acceptance in Adolescences with Autism
Avi Glickman, M.Ed. , Gloria M. Satriale, J.D., BCABA – Association for Behavior Analysis International in Phoenix
May 2009

Promoting Independence for Adults with Autism: Employment and Beyond
Peter F. Gerhardt, Ed. D. , Gloria M. Satriale, Esq. BCABA

Issues and Considerations in Teaching Social Skills to Individuals with Autism
Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D., BCBA
September 2008

Building a Comprehensive ABA Program: Integrating More Naturalistic Strategies
Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D., BCBA
September 2008

PAAL Training – Functional Behavior Assessment 

PAAL Training – Applied Behavior Analysis

Pennsylvania Department of Education Conference Indicators for Success: Improvement, Performance and Results. Poster Presentation. 
Utilizing Blue Tooth Technology to Reduce the Stigma of Prompting in the Community
. with G. Satriale, L. Chance, Harrisburg, PA.
February 2008

Comprehensive Transition Strategies in Vocational and Community Settings for Individuals with ASD.
Penn Autism Network. With G. Satriale, P. Gerhard, & L. Chance. 3rd Annual Conference Facing the Future with Optimism .
March 2008

Redefining Effective Transition Outcomes for Learners with ASD
Pennsylvania Community on Transition Forum: comes Through a Shared Agenda, with L. Chance, G. Satriale, G. Entrekin, & B. Tennant. State College, PA.
July 2007

Autism in the Workplace and the Community: Why it is a Win / Win Situation 
Chester County Business and Community Councils, Great Valley, PA.
October 2007

Preparing Adolescents for Adult Life: Utilizing the Community as the Classroom.  
Penn Autism Network 2nd Annual Conference “Journeys Through Adolescence

Adolescents and Adults with Autism: Supporting a life in the Community
with G. Satriale & P. Gerhardt

Special Education Sub-Committee Hearing on Post Secondary Transition for Individuals with ASD
Harrisburg PA G. Satriale
April 8, 2008

The Basics of Programming in the Natural Environment: An overview of the PAAL Program and the CAPS ©.
Chester County Autism Alliance